Please read this newcomers.

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Please read this newcomers.

Post  Mr Dragonjack-Returns_xD on Mon Oct 22, 2012 7:21 am

Hello newcomers and welcome to the Gamersworld. Please bare with me while you are reading this.

1. Please do not adversting in our forum at all. But you can adversting in your profiles or signature's and that is fine by me.
2. No porngraphy in our forum and please do not make us "jack off" over it thank you.
3. Hacking people's accounts in this forum is not appreciated at all. If you are facing any problems about someone is hacking into your account? Please do PM us, we will surely look into that.
4. Be sure to respect eachother (If you want to be like that)

That is it for now and thank you for reading this.

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